“Owning your story is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.”

Brené Brown


  • For writers in the beginning of a book project (or half-way through) I’m available to help you map out a strategy for finishing your book. We will discuss structure, voice, and story, as well as how (and when) to submit your project to agents and editors.

  • New—Social media, branding, strategic consulting for authors seeking to maximize their efforts prior to or during the agent and press querying stage. Social media can be befuddling for authors (Does Facebook really bury posts with links in them? Why are my posts getting so few likes? Etc.) I can help you navigate (IG, FB, and Twitter) social media and maximize it’s efficacy. This is not about becoming an influencer, but rather about how to boost your efforts without paying to promote posts.

    Developmental editing

    Developmental editing is big-picture feedback on a book-length project. I will read your manuscript and write to you about what I think could or should change and why. I will be looking to answer the questions “what is this about (or why is it unclear)?” and “how can this book be made ready to be taken out on submission.” Expect suggestions that could include major re-structuring, changing the tense of the manuscript, the POV (usually in fiction) or cutting or adding chapters, etc.